Working remotely? Take control and set regular, measurable objectives

Remember: “What gets measured gets done.”

29th Feb 2024
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“I just don’t know if I’m as good at my job as I used to be. I’m not seeing my manager or colleagues in real life so I can’t tell anymore.”  

We’ve heard a version of this line from countless clients since remote working took off.

They feel like they’re winging it, they say. That they’ve lost their touch.  

In the world of remote working, it’s more important than ever to set daily, weekly measurable objectives for yourself.

This becomes even more crucial if you’re not getting feedback from your manager.

Remember: “What gets measured gets done.”

Put simply, measuring something – your own performance in work – gives you the information you need in order to make sure you actually achieve what you set out to do.

So you’re not second-guessing yourself. Or waiting for approval, or otherwise, from your manager.

Take control by following these essential steps:

  1. Set out an assessment agenda for yourself for your next team meeting. List the things you must do in the meeting in order to register it afterwards as a success.

  2. These need to be specific and do-able things. For example, I need to provide my team with a clear update on where I am with the project I’m leading and what the next steps are.

  3. After the meeting, rate yourself. How did I do? Where did I do well? How can I prove improvement to myself after the next meeting?