Who we are and what we do

Put very simply, our training will ensure that you put the best version of yourself forward in your next job interview, be it in person or online.

Few positions exist that we haven’t helped people get. We know what you’re facing, whether you are a software engineer or a medical registrar. We’ve dealt with interview styles of all types. 

From competency-based interviews to informal chats, screening calls to recorded video interviews, internal competitions to interview presentations. We simulate every one of them.

We know how to help you be the best you can be. We help you anticipate the essential questions and give you strategies to prepare. And manage your nerves at the same time. 

Our consultant will sit down with you and examine the areas the interview panel are likely to probe. That interaction will be recorded and they will go back through the recording with you; identifying problems and developing solutions for you, spotting strengths, ensuring they are made concrete and providing you with a roadmap for confident, effective interview preparation.

Our sessions - tailored specifically for you and the role you want - take about an hour and a half and are one-to-one.

Our method doesn’t leave clients with a theory for something that they still cannot do. It is focused on practical preparation styles and structures, ensuring your ability to deliver on the day.        

It has worked for the tens of thousands of individuals we have helped to prepare for interviews. 

It can work for you.


Your need. That’s where it starts.

If you need something that isn’t listed on these pages, give us a shout and we’ll tailor something for you. We work with some of the biggest public and private organisations in Ireland. We’ve helped multinationals and global brands. And we help thousands of individuals every year.

We pioneered courses like media skills forty years ago. We’re always developing, always dedicated to being the best. In training. In Communications. In Career Development. In Crisis Communications.

We love what we do. We love dealing with new clients. We take pride in retaining clients over decades.