If a new job isn't working out, don't worry. You have options.

Our Managing Director, Eoghan Tomás McDermott, shares his advice with The Irish Times.

28th May 2024
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“I would not be downhearted, although it can seem significant to the person, but I’d look at it to say that there are actually a whole suite of opportunities for them,” says McDermott.

Everyone has taken a step that has turned out different to how they had anticipated, and you still have a qualification under your belt.

“It’s just to take a second and to reset and say, ‘Right, I’m going to move on and I feel that is the right decision’,” McDermott says.

There are learnings from every single job, whether a person enjoys it or not. It is important to look at the skill set you’ve gained and what you can highlight on your CV from that. Most jobs will have transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and being in meetings with clients.

You still have a whole lot to offer in terms of skills and qualifications."

Read the full article in The Irish Times for expert advice on what to do if your first proper job isn’t what you thought it would be.