How should I wrap up the interview?

Remember, your final impression is as important as your first.

1st Mar 2024
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"Is there anything you'd like to add before we finish up?"

Your final impression in an interview is essential. You want to leave the interviewers with a positive and memorable message ringing in their ears. The best way to do this is to have either a question that shows genuine interest and research, or a final pitch for the job that is tailored to exactly what the employer is looking for.

First, a few don’ts

  • Don’t ask a question that you should have known the answer to from reading their website or doing a quick Google.

  • Don’t ask a question that is purely focused on you. Nothing about when you will hear back, what the salary will be, do we finish early on Fridays…

  • Don’t just say “No thanks, not right now” when they ask.

You have two clear options

Option 1: You can ask a question that comes from a position of research. If you are well prepared for the interview, you will have done a significant amount of research on the company. Use it at the end.

Form a question that says – I know this about the role, could you tell me a bit more? Or I know that this development is coming down the line for the sector, how might that affect your business? This shows curiosity and genuine interest.

Option 2: The other option is not to ask a question. This is absolutely acceptable, but you need to tell them why you don’t have a question. This shows you’ve thought about the role, and about potential questions, but you have your research done.

So “thank you, but I don’t have any other questions. I’ve researched the role thoroughly, talked to your recruiters at various events and so I feel I have a good understanding of the role. Thanks a million for your time”.